0Appeasing the Gods (Intro)
0Seven Sorrows
0Five Million Years to Earth
0Lone Wolf
0Blacklight Communion
0Lone Wolf (Patriot Version)
0BONUS TRACK: The Marshall Plan Reprise (basement demo, 2004)
0BONUS TRACK: Spherical Realms Of Anstar (basement demo, 2004)
0BONUS TRACK: Skylon Express/Darkshine/Spherical Realms Of Anstar Medley (live at The Rock Shop 7/17/04)

In truth these extras are nice but a slight distraction at the same time. There is some variation in quality and interest to these tracks and it detracts from the album itself slightly, but it should in no way lessen the impact that ‘Book of Hours’ has, because for the duration of its running time Sleestak are simply incredible… again. - Mark Hunt-Bryden, The Sleeping Shaman